What are the benefits of TDPA™ plastics?

  1. Controlled Lifespan: Product life (i.e shelf & service life) customizable from months to years according to application
  2. Retained Physical Properties: Comparable physical and mechanical properties as conventional plastics during lifespan
  3. Degradable: Ultimately biodegrades in the open environment to carbon dioxide, water and biomass, thereby returning to nature
  4. Ease of Manufacture: Integrated into routine manufacturing using the same machinery and equipment as conventional plastics.
  5. Cost Effective: Low addition rates (e.g. typically 1-2%), with no requirement for specific machinery or processing
  6. Food Contact:  Compliant with FDA (USA) & EFSA (EU) requirements for direct food contact applications
  7. Non-ecotoxic: Passes all ecotoxicity tests, including seed germination, plant growth and organism survival, in accordance with OECD standards
  8. Recyclable:  Recyclable, without requiring segregation from regular plastics, in conventional recycling streams
  9. Standards: Tested in accordance with international standards, ASTM D6954 (USA) & BS 8472 (UK)
  10. Scientifically-Proven: TDPA™ technology has been rigorously and independently validated by third-party laboratories for over 20 years