TDPA™ Plastic Products

TDPA™ is a family of additive masterbatches that is added to conventional plastic resins, primarily polyolefins such as PE and PP, to manufacture oxo-biodegradable plastics. TDPA™ addresses the critical issue of plastic waste that has escaped into the environment: TDPA™ plastics ultimately return to nature by biodegrading into carbon dioxide, water and biomass, without leaving any micro-plastics or other harmful residues upon completion of biodegradation.

TDPA™ is synergistic with the strategy of Reducing, Reusing and Recycling, and is a complementary strategy for mitigating the environmental impact of plastics by addressing the proportion of plastic products that inevitably escape recycling streams and enter the environment. During its lifespan, TDPA™ plastics retain the physical and mechanical properties of the original plastics, allowing products to be reused. Furthermore, TDPA™ plastics are recyclable and compatible with standard recycling streams. Combined with the cost-effectiveness and ease of manufacturing TDPA™ plastics, TDPA™ is a practical and truly global solution for the challenge of plastic waste.

EPI does not manufacture plastic products but sells TDPA™ to plastic manufacturers who make these products. If you wish to buy or distribute TDPA™ additives, or become a TDPA™ licensed manufacturer, please contact us.

Restrictions may apply in the USA and in the EU.


  1. Controlled Lifespan: Product life (i.e shelf & service life) customizable from months to years according to application
  2. Retained Physical Properties: Comparable physical and mechanical properties as conventional plastics during lifespan
  3. Degradable: Ultimately biodegrades in the open environment to carbon dioxide, water and biomass, thereby returning to nature
  4. Ease of Manufacture: Integrated into routine manufacturing using the same machinery and equipment as conventional plastics.
  5. Cost Effective: Low addition rates (e.g. typically 1-2%), with no requirement for specific machinery or processing
  6. Food Contact:  Compliant with FDA (USA) & EFSA (EU) requirements for direct food contact applications
  7. Non-ecotoxic: Passes all ecotoxicity tests, including seed germination, plant growth and organism survival, in accordance with OECD standards
  8. Recyclable:  Recyclable, without requiring segregation from regular plastics, in conventional recycling streams
  9. Standards: Tested in accordance with international standards, ASTM D6954 (USA) & BS 8472 (UK)
  10. Scientifically-Proven: TDPA™ technology has been rigorously and independently validated by third-party laboratories for over 20 years

TDPA™ Plastic Applications

TDPA™ plastics have a wide range of applications including:

  • Bin liners, garbage bags & doggy waste bags
  • Carrier & parcel bags
  • Food packaging for fresh fruits & vegetables, bread & bakery products
  • Plastic cutlery, food trays & containers
  • Stretch & cling films
  • Wrap films for flower & other BOPP films
  • Bubble wraps
  • Personal care products: gloves, shoe covers, shower caps, aprons
  • Travel amenities: bottles and caps for shampoos, conditioners and lotions

Based on USA laws, we advise against making any environmental claims (specifically about biodegradability or compostability) about products containing TDPA™ additives in the USA. READ MORE ››

We advise manufacturers, distributers and retailers of products containing TDPA™ additives in the EU to become familiar with, and abide by EU Directive 2019/904, including Article 5. READ MORE ››