TDPA™ Mulch Films

TDPA™ can be incorporated into mulch films, and be customised for compatibility with different crops, growing climates and product lifespan. When ploughed into soil after harvest, TDPA™ mulch films will degrade and upon completion of biodegradation become biomass, forming part of the bio-cycle.

TDPA™ mulch films are widely used in many countries, including Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and China. They allow agricultural productivity to be maximised in an environmentally sustainable fashion.

If you want to buy TDPA™, please contact us for details. Restrictions may apply in the USA and in the EU.

Lifecycle of TDPA™ Mulch Film in the Field

Stage 1
Mulch film protects crops while seedling are most vulnerable
Stage 2
After its useful life, the mulch film becomes brittle and begins to degrade
Stage 3
After harvest, the degraded mulch film does not interfere with tilling of the soil
Stage 4
Biodegradation continues in soil. On completion, the mulch film returns to nature as biomass


  1. Retained Product Performance: Deployed with the same agricultural machinery as conventional mulch films, achieving comparable performance in all regards (e.g. improving yield, controlling weeds, reducing herbicide & water use etc.)
  2. Ease of Manufacture: Produced using the same manufacturing equipment & processes as conventional mulch films
  3. Cost Effective: Low addition rates (e.g. typically 1-3%), with no requirement for specific machinery or processing
  4. Reduces Labour: No collection or recycling of mulch film required after harvest
  5. Degradable: Ultimately biodegrades in the environment to carbon dioxide, water and biomass, thereby returning to nature
Deployment of TDPA™ Mulch Film
Aerial View of Fields covered with TDPA™ Mulch Film
Crop Growth with TDPA™ Mulch Film
Comparison of Crop Growth with (left) & without (right) TDPA™ Mulch Film

Based on USA laws, we advise against making any environmental claims (specifically about biodegradability or compostability) about products containing TDPA™ additives in the USA. READ MORE ››

We advise manufacturers, distributers and retailers of products containing TDPA™ additives in the EU to become familiar with, and abide by EU Directive 2019/904, including Article 5. READ MORE ››