Plastic products are designed to be durable during its product life. However, high processing temperatures, mechanical stress and environmental factors such as light and atmospheric oxygen can cause premature deterioration of the plastic material, resulting in poor product performance or shortening of its useful product life.

To address these issues, EPI offers antioxidant and UV stabilizer SCP masterbatches that can inhibit or retard the degradation process. These masterbatches are added during standard plastic processing, without the need for specialised manufacturing equipment, and can be customized according to the customer’s specific product requirements and applications.

Antioxidant Masterbatch

SCP-antioxidant masterbatches are used to reduce thermal-oxidation during processing. It can be used in isolation with conventional plastics, or in combination with TDPA™ to address the following issues:

  • Reduce degradation from heat generated by extreme processing conditions
  • Protect against premature degradation for poorly stabilized resins.
  • Reduce oxidative damage caused by certain pigments and inks (with oxidizing ability)
  • Retard oxidative degradation in recycled plastics
  • Offer customized extended product life to TDPA™ oxo-biodegradable plastics

UV Masterbatch

Plastics for outdoor applications frequently require extra protection from the damaging effect of sunlight (photo-oxidation), which can cause premature degradation.

SCP-UV masterbatches prevent premature degradation of plastic materials caused by photo-oxidation.

The SCP-UV masterbatch can be used in isolation with conventional plastics, or in combination with TDPA™. If used with TDPA™, the plastic product will have a controlled life that can be customized depending on its specific outdoor product applications, such as in AGP mulch films.