About EPI

Established in 1994, EPI (Europe) Limited (EPI) is the global pioneer in the development of degradable plastic additive technology. With almost 30 years of R&D experience, knowledge and expertise, EPI’s TDPA™ technology remains the global gold-standard in the industry, and EPI’s daisy logo is synonymous with quality.

Central to the ethos of EPI is developing and leveraging sustainable technology to address environmental challenges, operating synergistically alongside other sustainable initiatives such as the promotion of a circular economy encouraging the reduction, re-use and recycling of plastic products.

EPI is also a founding member of the Society of Biodegradable Polymers (SBP) – an industry-wide, global collaborative group that promotes the responsible use of biodegradable products through the development of standards, regulations, material guides and positive community interaction.

TDPA™ Technology

EPI’s flagship product, Totally Degradable Plastic Additive™ (TDPA™) renders conventional plastics biodegradable, without compromising on the strength of the material during its lifespan. TDPA™ plastics are reusable and recyclable in standard recycling streams.

A proportion of all plastic products will inevitably escape recycling streams and escape into the environment, resulting in plastic waste that pollutes and affects bio-diversity. Crucially, plastic waste made of TDPA™ will degrade in the open environment, eventually returning to nature in the form of carbon dioxide, water, and biomass upon completion of biodegradation.

TDPA™ can be incorporated into a broad range of plastic products, including bags, food packaging and mulch films, without requiring specialising manufacturing equipment. The versatility and broad applicability of TDPA™ means that it is accepted an affordable, scientifically-validated, truly global solution to the issue of plastic waste. EPI is extremely proud to have led the development of degradable plastic additive technology.